Agnihotra - Healing Fire

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Agnihotra Procedure in brief:
Arrange cowdung chips in the pyramid kindle fire. Offer pinch of rice smeared with ghee at Swaaha chanting the mantra. Repeat at sunrise and sunset...more

Evening Agnihotra Mantra
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Agnaye Swaaha
Agnaye Idam na mama
Prajapataye Swaaha
Prajapataye Idam na mama!

Morning Agnihotra Mantra
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Sooryaya Swaaha
Sooryaya Idam na mama
Prajapataye Swaaha
Prajapataye Idam na mama!

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How to perform Agnihotra

Start at least 5mts before
the Agnihotra time. Dip
gomay (cow dung chips) in
melted butter and place
them in the pyramid
Light a piece of gomay
and place it in the
arranged chips letting air
Let the fire crackle into a
good flame.
Wait for the exact minutes
and seconds enjoying the
energy and adding few
drops of ghee if necessary.
Pick two pinch fulls of rice
for offering. Make two
portions for two offerings.
Add a spoonful of ghee to
the rice
At Sunset time: Agnaye
Swaaha (offeing goes only
as you utter swaaha)
Agnaye Idam na Mama!
Prajapataye Swaaha (offer
as you say Swaaha).
This mantra is the same for
both morning and evening
Prajapata ye Idam na
This mantra is the same for
both morning and evening
Observe your breath. If you
have a personal mantra
Sit in silence - Believe
your own experience,This
concludes the evening
Agnihotra, now repeat the
same process with
morning Mantra at sun rise.
The entire universe
pulsates with a
coordinated rhythm. This
rhythm synchronizes the
orbits of the moon, planets,
earth and sun.  The earth,
nature and human body
responds to this natural
rhythm called the
Circadian Rhythm.
align and realign to this
rhythm precisely at the
sunset/sunrise transition
point.  This accord with
the rhythm brings peace
and wellbeing.

Agnihotra is a material aid
to a happy life.
An intense energy is
projected from the
Agnihotra pot. This energy
envelops the solar system,
the stratosphere and