Agnihotra - Healing Fire

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Agnihotra Procedure in brief:
Arrange cowdung chips in the pyramid kindle fire. Offer pinch of rice smeared with ghee at Swaaha chanting the mantra. Repeat at sunrise and sunset...more

Evening Agnihotra Mantra
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Agnaye Swaaha
Agnaye Idam na mama
Prajapataye Swaaha
Prajapataye Idam na mama!

Morning Agnihotra Mantra
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Sooryaya Swaaha
Sooryaya Idam na mama
Prajapataye Swaaha
Prajapataye Idam na mama!

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Listen and Learn:
They are all broken down by each mantra for easy learning...

 Evening Agnihotra Mantra
 Morning Agnihotra Mantra
 Vyahruti Homa
Guru Smaran (GuruBrahma and Brahmanandam)
Chatwari Srunga Trayo asya pada
Purnahuti mantra
Badram karnebhi
Dyou Shanti
Prajapate Gajana Om
Swami Gajanana
Asatoma Sadgamaya
Sarwepi sukhina santu
Gayatri mantra
Trayambaka mantra
Sapta shloki
Yagnya Dharmam charami
Satyam sharanam gacchami
Ida Deva
Jay Brugunandana - Bhajan
Guruji me to - Bhajan
Majhe deva puja
Maha Tripurasundari Stotra
Bhargava Kavacham
Ganapati Atharwashirsha
Devi Atharwashirsha
Purusha Sukta
Sri Sukta
Shiva Sankalpa Sukta


Agnaye swaáhá,
Agnaye idam na mama
Prajápataye swaáhá,
Prajápataye idam na mama

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Unto the fire I am offering all.
This offering is not mine it is

Agnaye … fire
swáhá … offering
Agnaye … fire
idam … this
na mama … not mine
prajá- … all the living
pataye … The Lord
swáhá … offerino
prajá … all the living
pataye …The Lord
idam … this
na mama … not mine

Sooryaya swáahá,
Sooryáya idam na mama
Prajápataye swáahá,
Prajápataye idam na mama

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Unto the sun I am offering this
offering. This is not mine, this is Thine.

Sooryáya … sun
swáhá … offering
Sooryáya … sun
idam … this
na mama … not mine
prajá … all the living
pataye … the lord
swaha, … offering
prajá … all the living
pataye … the lord
idam … this
na mama … not mine

Word to word meaning does not give the purport of the mantras.

When the mantras are chanted in the meter in which they are composed, by Supreme Grace the inherent meaning and the power and vibrations impact the entire creation. The healing occurs at the grass roots level in the subtlest manner.

This power of the mantra is locked into the ashes that develop in the fire upon the oblations. These vibrations pulsate the entire universe in a profound, subtle but sure impact and affect.

It is like the fragrance and beauty of a flower when the flower is in the form of a bud.

By grace it radiates all its beauty and joy for the good of the entire universe.

...Guruji Shree Mohan Jadhav

The word Soorya refers to an aspect of Almighty power, the Creator.
Etymologically, “SOO” means to give birth to, to create.
Prajapati means Lord of Creation, another aspect of Almighty power.
The words Soorya, Prajapati and Agni all refer to The Almighty.

On uttering the word Swaaha and the offering in the fire a phenomenal nourishing and energizing impact is created on the entire life & creation.

Idam Na Mama means, “Not mine but Thine.

Accented "á" is pronounced as the ‘a’ in father. Unaccented "a" is pronounced as the 'a' in mature.

How to perform Agnihotra in Summary

1. Smear few cow dung chips with ghee and arrange them in the Agnihotra pot.
2. Mix about a teaspoon full of rice with a small amount of ghee and keep them aside.
3. Start the fire few minutes before sunrise/sunset time.

While chanting the mantra offer the rice smeared with ghee (just enough that one can hold in the tip
of five fingers) at the utterance of ‘Swaaha’ in the fire.

There are only two offerings at Sunset or Sunrise each in the Agnihotra fire.