Agnihotra - Healing Fire

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Agnihotra Procedure in brief:
Arrange cowdung chips in the pyramid kindle fire. Offer pinch of rice smeared with ghee at Swaaha chanting the mantra. Repeat at sunrise and sunset...more

Evening Agnihotra Mantra
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Agnaye Swaaha
Agnaye Idam na mama
Prajapataye Swaaha
Prajapataye Idam na mama!

Morning Agnihotra Mantra
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Sooryaya Swaaha
Sooryaya Idam na mama
Prajapataye Swaaha
Prajapataye Idam na mama!

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Learn to Chant

When the mantras are chanted in the meter in which they are composed, by Supreme Grace the inherent meaning, the power and vibration impacts the entire creation. These vibrations pulsate the entire universe in a profound, subtle but sure impact and affect.

Vedic Chanting Class

Healing occurs at the grass roots level in the subtlest manner as the energies bloom. It is like the fragrance and beauty of a flower when the flower is in the form of a bud.

By grace it radiates all its beauty and joy for the good of the entire universe

We conduct online Vedic Chanting classes to facilitate busy schedules.
For further information contact  Yogini

If you know what you like to learn please mention it in your mail.
You will receive a mail back from one of our acharyas/teachers to coordinate time for the telephone sessions.