Agnihotra - Healing Fire

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Agnihotra Procedure in brief:
Arrange cowdung chips in the pyramid kindle fire. Offer pinch of rice smeared with ghee at Swaaha chanting the mantra. Repeat at sunrise and sunset...more

Evening Agnihotra Mantra
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Agnaye Swaaha
Agnaye Idam na mama
Prajapataye Swaaha
Prajapataye Idam na mama!

Morning Agnihotra Mantra
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Sooryaya Swaaha
Sooryaya Idam na mama
Prajapataye Swaaha
Prajapataye Idam na mama!

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Param Sadguru Shree

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Shree Shreekantji Maharaj Rajimwale

Dr. Shreekantji Maharaj Rajimwale

Born to the holy parents Shree Gajanan Maharaj and Jaganmata Sharada Shreekantji was raised in the pious environment took up after his father and extensively propagated Agnihotra and served as the head of the organization. Succeeded by two children Purushotham bhau Maharaj and Rajeswari who are taking the mission of healing and purification to the next level.
more to come soon... under construction

with Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

with son Purushotham bhau Maharaj on the left

with family

Books Published
Agnihotra Sheti Padhati : Dr. Shreekant Rajimwale
Vaishwanar Avatar- Dr. Shreekantji Maharaj Rajimwale